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  • December 15th to April 15 

  • Guaranteed Whale Sightings

  • 2 hour tours

  • This tour is limited to 20 guests

  • Depart from Ka’anapali Beach

  • Children 5-12 years old

(*must be 5 or older to participate​)

$89 Adults / $79 Children

Whale Watching Experience:

Join us on an amazing 2-hour Whale Watching Experience.

Departing directly from beautiful Ka’anapali Beach, We’ll take you on a smooth comfortable ride to see the Humpback Whales up close and personal Magic Merman Style!











It’s the Best Seat on Maui!

The Magic Merman was designed for comfort and Maui Whale Watching.  The small personal style of our tours and the low profile of the boat ensure everyone gets an unbeatable view of the the Whales.  


Our Whale Watching Experience will get you up close and personal with these 40+ ton majestic marine mammals, leaving you with priceless photos, mind-blowing memories, and the experience of a lifetime!


Every year at the start of Fall more than 60% of the North Pacific Humpback Whale population begin their migration to these warm Hawaiian waters to mate and to birth their young.

The largest concentration of these Humpback whales grace the shallow protected waters of the Island of Maui.  

Maui is widely considered the epicenter of whale watching in the Hawaiian Islands.


Popular Whale Behavior



This is when a Whale dives deep

putting its Fluke or "tail" into the air.  Often staying under for over 20 minutes.


Spy Hopping:

When a whale peeks its

head out to look around.

Whales have excellent vision above and below the surface.

Pectoral Slap:

When a whale repeatedly slaps their large Pectoral fins against the water.  For attention, fun, or as a warning.

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